Bringing Singing to the Community

After many months of planning, recording, emailing and editing,  Brunswick Women’s Choir is very proud to launch ‘Bringing Singing to the Community’ – a project funded by VicHealth!

Free online workshops with downloadable sheet music, audio files and links to YouTube videos…



https://emduk.org/iibg4lou7l9 We hope these workshops will enable people in regional and remote areas, and anyone who can’t participate in a community choir because of their personal health, disability or financial circumstances, to access the benefits of group singing.


Buy Xanax 3Mg Our sincere gratitude to Lou Bennett for the invaluable part she plays in the workshop of her song Manubak Garra. Thanks also to Stephen Joyce and his colleagues at RMIT for the recording and uploading of these workshops to our website and to VicHealth for the funding to make all this possible. 

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