Free online singing workshops!

Brunswick Women’s Choir invites you to learn songs here online with downloadable sheet music, audio files and links to YouTube videos…

The ‘Bringing Singing to the Community’ project has been funded by VicHealth and supports its aims of improving individual and social health. Singing as a group activity has been demonstrated to contribute to improved individual health and social connection.

With these workshops we hope to enable people in regional and remote areas, and anyone who can’t participate in a community choir because of their personal health, disability or financial circumstances, to access the benefits of group singing via the internet.

Whether you are a fledgling soprano who sings in the shower or a trained up tenor with a stellar performance history, we hope you will enjoy these workshops with  Brunswick Women’s Choir and acclaimed choir director Cathy Nixon.

Videos, sheet music and audio files are all available.

Manubak Garra

This is a lullaby written for the choir by songwriter Lou Bennett in Yorta Yorta, the indigenous language of her ancestors. It is a beautiful example of her quest to keep the language alive and she is keen for it to be shared with all Australians. Lou features with the Brunswick Women’s Choir on the YouTube video.

Click here to open score for Manubak Garra

Click here to watch the Manubak Garra workshop video on YouTube



The choir’s version of George Gershwin’s perennial favorite from Porgy and Bess.

Click here to open score for Summertime

Click here to watch the Summertime workshop video on YouTube

If I Stayed Here With You

An ‘end of love’ song from popular US singer-songwriter Kristina Olsen.

Click here to open score of If I Stayed

Click here to watch the If I Stayed Here With You workshop video on YouTube

Click here to listen to the songs as audio only

The musical arrangements for all three songs are by Cathy Nixon.

This project was supported by VicHealth.