About us

Once upon a time, the Brunswick Women’s Choir was a small phenomenon known and loved mainly by friends and locals. But you can’t keep a good woman down and the Choir is now renowned across the country for performances of passion, poignancy and inspiration. Led by award-winning musical director Cathy Nixon, the Choir sings about peace and justice, love and anger, beauty and promise, and has been doing so for 19 years. Our repertoire reflects the passions, sorrows and triumphs of life, currently showcasing Australian (and especially Victorian) songwriters like Lou Bennett, Paul Kelly, Joe Gaia, Kavisha Mazella, Jennie Swain, and Dave Steele.

Brunswick Women's Choir members at Simpson's Gap 2009

Choir members at Simpson’s Gap, Alice Springs, during the Beyond the Sunset Tour, 2009

The 40 women of the choir share a love of music and performance. The choir through our activities, repertoire and performance strives to:

  • develop a reputation for outstanding singing
  • sing for the enjoyment of ourselves and our audiences
  • affirm women’s experience both within and beyond the choir
  • create a concert experience that entertains, inspires, heals – and fosters a meaningful connection with our audience
  • perform a multicultural repertoire that represents and celebrates the diversity within our wider community
  • make connections with local and broader communities

Musical Director

Cathy Nixon has been leading the choir since its inception in 1991. Cathy has a lifetime of work believing that the sum is way greater than the parts, and is committed to the social change movement through the arts and other community endeavours.

She trained as a music teacher in the 1980’s and has taught music in various forms ever since.

In 1991 Cathy was approached to begin a women’s choir in Brunswick and hence the Brunswick Women’s Choir was born.

Since the choir was formed Cathy has been recognised several times for her personal contributions.

In 2001 Cathy was included in a book published by the Victorian Women’s Trust, “Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Lives”.

In 2002 she was awarded the prestigious Vida Goldstein Award for contribution to the arts.

As part of International Women’s Day celebrations in 2003, Cathy received an award from Moreland Council for her major contribution to the well being of the women of Moreland.

Cathy is acknowledged in the wider musical arena by her peers as a skilled and visionary leader, who inspires and challenges those people who have the opportunity to learn from her.